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Monday, November 15, 2010


Abraham Lincoln defined Democracy as government of the people by the people and for the people. This is in recognition of the role and power of the people in nation building.

Follower-ship can be defined as a company of people that shares the same interest or aim.

Leadership position in Nigeria is every weak because it’s either wrong person in the right position or right person in the wrong position.For example; a medical doctor is made the minister of works when he doesn’t have any background knowledge on building or construction work therefore, making himself a liability in such office instead of an asset. Or we have people who won election by snatching ballot boxes in the case of Ondo, Ekiti state and the rest of them. This are clear woes on the leadership of our country. While, the big question always is if the root is rotten what will happen to its branches?

  Or the fact that we are in Nov. 2010 and they are still discussing the budget of 2010. Under the leadership of finance minister Olusegun Aganga. Where only 40% of the capital budget has been implemented that is a budget that is made to bring dividends of democracy to the Nigerian people and elevate them of poverty, diseases and lack of infrastructure.

       But let me quickly bring you up to speed with national transformation as a result of follower-ship. Our constitution is just 10years but it is been amended because the Nigerian people feels that some section of that constitution as hindered our democratic process.This act is the first of his kind in the world amending a constitution that is just 10years old. What a huge impact of followers on National Transformation.

In America the democrat as lost over 60% of his congress sit to the republicans. This shows that the power of national transformation lays in the hands of the followers not the leaders on account of Distrust, and discontent with the Obama Administration.

June 12 1993 will always remain fresh in her memory as a day in the Nigerian history where election was conducted free and fair and M.K.O Abiola won fair and square but our then military head of state annulled that election and the people stood up forcing him to step down, this also showed no one is bigger than the people

lastly, There is no doubt that almost all Nigerians want change, and the mood for change is evident from small villages to big cities where poverty, disease, lack of social infrastructure and most significantly lack of hope is an everyday reality for millions of Nigerians. 2011 we will register, vote and guard our vote because the suffering of the people from unemployment, lack of basic amenities, insecurity and low GDP must all become a thing of the past.

But the question I have for my everyone reading this article and our Nigerian leaders today is; how can Nigerian people in which they claim to serve be struggling to earn 18,000naira while, our leadership in government earns over a million times that amount?

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