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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The common man

 The common man is a general name for a poor and unpopular males in my country, I am from a country where the standard of living is very Low and over 70% of the nation's population lives below a dollar a day. Most of Nigerians cannot afford the luxury and cost of living including healthcare, eduction, balance diet, housing, and electricity because the cost of these basic items are regarded as luxuries yet in order part of the world this are basic necesicities for citizens of the country.  The recent flooding in the country has so much affected the common man because the are percieved to be living in the low land areas, rural areas, undeveloped areas and environmental degraded areas. Over 300 lives has been lost and the temporilay camps built by Government to cater for the immediate needs of the common man and his family which are always at an average of abover four children has become a political arena where political campaign in view of the 2015 ambitions of their fat pockets. The higher education are kept at the highest cost which the common man cant afford, so the paupers and their children doesn't pass secondary school certificates. Educational grants are won by the elites who can afford this luxury schools abroad for their kids but yet would block this grants from getting to the common man. The common man doesn't only suffer from lack of basic amenities from Government, but also extortion from churches and religious organistions in the name of tithes, offerings, sacrifices and breakthrough seeds. This religious bodies extorts from the unenglithened Nigerians using the bible. The common man in my country of a population of over 150million according to the last population census conducted also suffer poor service delivery from telecommunication firms who bills this section of the economy more without providing the paid services. For examples, the common man loads the highest number of recharge cards yet the network is never clear for a decent phone call. The common man pays a huge electricity bills yet PHCN would not provide the light paid for, thereby hindering the small scale businesses of the common man which are either barbering, tailoring, weldering, vulcanicing, restaurants, etc. the livelihood of the common man is centered on these basic amenities yet enjoyed by the rich class. The common man travels by road yet the inter-state express ways are filled with potholes and bad roads, the common man uses electricity for his daily operation of his businesses yet the PHCN for the pass 50years can not provide uninterrupted power for 3hours, the common man does not ever win a court case against the rich or influential sections of Nigerians, they are believed to be common Nigerians and the National Assembly don't deliberate on bills that empowers a common man. I am a common man and a common Nigeria, and I therefore speak for all the commoners in my country and thousands of them that are killed everyday by police brutality, Boko Haram bombings, Political killings, hunger and starvation, Ill health, malnutrition, fake drugs, etc. we are Nigerians too and the huge resources of the country through crude oil and other natural resources are not meant for only a few people

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