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Thursday, January 10, 2013



Things You Need To Take To NYSC Orientation – NYSC Camp Requirements by Ahmed Ogundimu

NYSC Nigeria – If you are going to the Nigeria’s National Youth Orientation (NYSC) Camp soon after you have known your NYSC Posting through your call-up letter. Here are the important things you need to take along so that you don’t get stranded and helpless. Imagine if you forgot a document you need for registration in Oyo State orientation camp and you came all the way from Borno State. You don’t want to be in that situation.

I decided to write this article from my experience at the NYSC Orientation camp because I don’t want prospective Corp Members to face the same kind of hardship I faced before gaining my balance.

Requirements for Registration

Registration is the first and most important thing at the orientation camp, just like at any other place. At the registration venue, you are expected to provide the following things:
Official NYSC Camp Requirements :

1. Your final year Student ID Card
2. Notification of Result from your School (Original and Photocopies)
3. Passport Photograph (Take as many copy as you can but you will only need a few)
4. Your original call-up letter (This will be taken and not returned to you, take photocopies along too)

The forms that will be handed to you and attach your passport are very easy to fill. Fill them correctly, because if you make mistakes on your name spelling, you will have BIG Problems with your Discharge Letter. 
After your registration, you will be issued with your State Code Number. This will be like your PIN throughout your Service Year.
After you have been given your State Code, you should proceed straight to collect your mattress and your NYSC Kit. 
During my own time, I went straight to my hostel (you will be directed), put my mattress in place before going for my kit. Go for your kit on time so that you can get your size.

NOTE: Make a lot of Photocopies before going to Camp. A copy can be as much as N20 at the Orientation Camp.

Personal Needs For NYSC Camp Life – Things You Need To Take To NYSC Camp

Throughout your stay at the orientation camp, you will only be allowed to wear your white top and shorts; you might not like the ones that will be handed to you at camp so you can get those fitted LUX and CHASE DEER brands as long as they are white, your jungle boot and white canvas given to you at the camp; you might not like it so buy a fancy one along (White). With these duly pointed out, no need to pack a lot of clothes to the Camp. You should only take a few in case you need to go to Mosque on a Friday or Church on a Sunday.

NOTE: Make sure you take extra white vest and shorts to Camp because 
(1) they are very expensive at the Camp Market called MAMI MARKET (2) you will most likely not have time not to wash during the week. You will also be so tired to wash during weekdays after going through all the Military Parades and Man O War Drills.
You will also need a WAIST POUCH (usually top of the list on what you need to take to NYSC orientation camp) to keep your valuables like cash, phones, and etc. while outside your room. You don’t want to lose anything at camp, so it’s safe to get that pouch.

Don’t take materials like pressing iron, knife, fork, tin cutter to the camp. They will be seized and returned to you only on the last day of camping. I was told this is a security measure.
If you have a camera you can take it along because you will want to snap a lot of scenes. If you have a Blackberry phone, that’s good for you because you can easily and share on social networks. If you don’t have any of those, you will have to pay some guys on camp who do that as business to follow you around and snap you wherever you go. They might charge up to N2000 for the duration of the camping. They should give you all your photos and videos in CDs at the end of Camping.

You will be fed three times a day in camp but I must not lie to you, the food there is nothing to write home about. They can be nice on few occasions but most days, they are poor (that’s my own view though). If you are someone like me who loves to eat good food, make provisions for your own food. You should get some fast foods along, some breakfast cereals and beverages. You should also hold extra cash to eat at the Mami market. You will get good foods there.

You should also take a MOSQUITO NET along with you- You know why!
Take some MONEY with you. Things are very expensive at the MAMI MARKET.

I’ve been able to distinguish between the official NYSC Camp requirements and the personal needs you need to take to the NYSC Orientation Camp. Don’t confuse them. You won’t be registered at the NYSC Orientation camp if you don’t go along with any of the ” NYSC Camp Requirements ” but you will be registered if you don’t go with “things you need to take to the NYSC Camp”, you won’t just enjoy the 21 days.                            

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