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Friday, January 25, 2013


Lukman Badmus Badamasi wrote:

Religion is a corporation and you're the one feeding it your spiritual capital.

Religion inspires you to hate other human beings with a fake god different than your fake god.

Religion is designed to create an atmosphere where citizens are screaming the mindless slogans of 'my god is better than your god.

Your faith in an imaginary God(s) keeps you afraid to live lest some imaginary creature keep tabs on you.

Religious texts are nothing but rule books written by the powerful to oppress the weak.

God is like a boogeyman, it's used to control the behavior of children, teenagers, adults, senior citizens etc etc.

Religion is a myth, the characters are made up, the stories are imagined, the ideas are designed to neutralize political instincts.

While your religious leaders are living like the capitalists off your labor (donations), you're still leading a life of economical slavery.

Religious worship stunts your desire to explore and understand your society.

Religion inspires you to hate other human beings with a fake god different than your fake god.

Don't be so impressionable,  religion is nothing butan instrument of mass social control.

Religion is anti-revolution  ary, it numbs people down from their immediate political reality.

Hymns are used to give you a sense of belonging to a large group of human beings, but you're singing the songs of your oppressors.

There's no heaven, it's nothing but a thoroughly constructed mental space designed to control your actions.

Sectarianism is used to create absurd religious debates, when the people should be in the streets revolting.

Fight for humanity, instead of wasting your life in prayer rooms waiting for magical things to appear.

Your religious leaders are charlatans who want tocontrol your life by controlling all the rules.

Sectarianism is used by the rulers of society to turn billions into religious bigots.

Hymns are used to create an environment conducive to mass expropriation of labor (donations).

Religion is a corporation and you're the consumer of its lies and deceit.

Religious buildings are designed to make you feelsmall and weak, so that they may pounce upon your spirit.

Instead of worshipping dead saints, organize your community to take political action to protect itself.

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